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Wallpaper - FOREST by Chispum & BOBO CHOSES Brand: Chispum Barcelona, wall decoration

No. Of Rolls:1 roll in box, 2 rolls in box

NEW this season

Exciting designer collaboration between Chispum and everyone's favourite childrenswear brand BOBO CHOSES - the poetic FOREST print has been made into wallpaper.

This easy-to-apply, repositionable wallpaper works just like a normal wallpaper - no glue is needed, instead just peel off the paper backing and apply carefully to your wall, and remove and straighten out as needed when applying.

Sold in stylish rectangular boxes containing either one roll or two rolls, this product stacks easily and will look great on your shop shelves. Compact and lightweight to send for e-commerce.

Each roll measures 45 x 300 cm.